How to Manage Your Subscription

Thanks for creating your TB12 Meals subscription. We hope you enjoy your first shipment!

Make sure to activate your account to manage your subscription going forward. You can swap meals to try different meals each week, add additional meals, or change your upcoming subscription dates to skip weeks if you’re headed out of town.

Here’s how!

Log In To Your Account

First log in to your account. Then click the “Manage Subscriptions” link underneath your name.

Here you’ll see all of the current meals in your subscription.

Swap Meals

If you want to swap out a meal for another, simply kick the “Swap” link next to the item you want to change. This will pull up a a list of all available meals to choose from. Simply select the one you want and then confirm your choice by clicking “Swap Product.” We update our meal selection regularly so make sure to check back for what’s new!

Add Meals

If you'd like to add new meals to your subscription, simply click the "Add Product" button at the bottom of your Active Subscriptions list on the Subscriptions page. This will pull up a a list of all currently available meals. Search for the meal you want and then click Add Product from the meal detail page.

Edit Quantity

You can also use the “Edit” link to adjust the quantity of any given meal.

Change Next Shipment Date

If you’d like to change your next subscription date, just click on the “Change next charge date” link at the top of your Subscriptions page. We process all orders on Sundays, so just select the appropriate week that you’d like you next meal shipment to arrive. Orders arrive Thursdays or Fridays.

Change Shipment Address

If you need to change the address that your items ship to, just click the “Edit” button next to your current Ships To address right under your name on your Subscriptions page. Just enter your new shipping address and save!

Update Credit Card

If you need to update the credit card for your subscription, click on “Billing” in the left hand navigation. Here you’re able to update both your card on file and your billing address.

Cancel Subscription

Finally, if you’d like to cancel your subscription for any reason, there is also a link here at the top of the Subscriptions page to cancel your subscription.

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